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    WordPress Problem Solving

    Over 20 years IT support & trouble shooting experience. No job or request is too big or too small for our WordPress experts.

    We offers a range of services to help businesses and individuals with their WordPress websites. Whether it’s troubleshooting technical issues, customising themes, optimising site performance, SEO ranking, or providing guidance on plugins and security, these services aim to ensure a smooth and efficient online presence.

    WordPress Updates

    Experience a holistic approach to WordPress updates and modifications with our specialised service. We handle updates with precision, safeguarding your site’s modifications throughout. Our meticulous testing process ensures seamless integration, eliminating conflicts with your theme templates and plugins. Count on us for a hassle-free update experience, preserving your site’s integrity while embracing the latest WordPress advancements.

    WordPress Updates

    Our comprehensive WordPress updates and modifications service revolves around meticulous attention to detail. We not only facilitate seamless updates but also safeguard any modifications, ensuring they remain intact throughout the process. Our expert team meticulously tests the updated version, guaranteeing compatibility with your existing theme templates and plugins. This diligent approach aims to prevent conflicts, offering you a hassle-free transition to a refined and updated WordPress platform.

    WordPress Template Setup & Problem Solving

    From seamless template installations to troubleshooting intricate WordPress template issues, our service encompasses comprehensive support. We specialise in flawlessly setting up premium or free templates, ensuring they integrate seamlessly with your WordPress site. Count on us to diagnose and fast resolve any template-related issues that affect your site’s performance or disrupt its mobile view. Our expertise guarantees a smooth and efficient setup, alleviating any template problems along the way.

    WordPress Plugin Installations & Updates

    Unlock the full potential of your WordPress site with our plugin expertise. We specialise in hassle-free installations, updates, fixes, and troubleshooting for WordPress plugins. Whether it’s implementing a new plugin or addressing conflicts without data loss, our team ensures a smooth and effective resolution, optimising your site’s performance.

    WordPress Plugin Installations & Updates

    Our customised service for WordPress plugin installations and updates encompasses a spectrum of solutions. From seamless installations and updates to adept troubleshooting and conflict resolution, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise extends to guiding and training you in utilising new plugins effectively while safeguarding your site’s data integrity.

    Fix & Recover Hacked Websites

    Ensure quick resolution for hacked websites with our dedicated WordPress security services. Our specialised expertise includes thorough hack cleanup and malware removal, allowing us to restore hacked WordPress sites promptly, typically within hours. Rely on us to swiftly recover your site’s security integrity.

    Fix & Recover Hacked Websites

    Rely on our expertise in WordPress security for swift resolutions in hacked website recovery. Our specialised services include comprehensive hack cleanup and malware removal, ensuring your WordPress site is restored within hours. Count on us for prompt and effective solutions to resolve hacked sites, safeguarding your online presence and ensuring your website’s security integrity.

    Fraud Order Attack – wooCommerce & Bank

    Shield your WordPress and WooCommerce shopping carts from fraudulent orders with our dedicated solutions. We excel in preventing spam attacks, offering robust protection against fraudulent activities. Count on our prompt services to resolve shopping cart issues within a day, securing your online transactions effectively.

    Upgrade New WordPress Website

    Experience an enhanced new WordPress website journey with our specialised support. From resolving WordPress issues to navigating platform upgrades and website migrations, we cover it all. As websites evolve, coding errors may emerge, but our proficient WordPress Technical Support & Development team can swiftly diagnose and fix these issues, getting your website back online without delay.

    Upgrade New WordPress Website

    Elevate your new WordPress website with our comprehensive support. We specialise in resolving WordPress issues, including updates from older platforms and seamless website migrations. As websites evolve, coding errors may arise, but our proficient WordPress Technical Support & Development team is well-versed in diagnosing and resolving these issues efficiently. Trust us to swiftly address any WordPress-related challenges and restore your website’s functionality within minimal downtime.

    Adding New WordPress Website Features

    Expand the capabilities of your WordPress website with ease by adding new features expertly set up by our dedicated team. Whether it’s a plugin, themed template, or specialised features, provide us with the specifics, and our WordPress experts will skillfully implement them, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced website performance.

    Optimising WordPress for Better Performance

    Enhance your website’s performance significantly with our specialised WordPress optimisation services. A fast-loading site is crucial for exceptional user experience and improved search engine rankings. Our experts conduct thorough assessments, identifying performance issues and implementing effective solutions to optimise your WordPress site. Trust us to elevate your website’s speed and functionality, ensuring a seamless user experience and better search engine visibility.

    Optimising WordPress for Better Performance

    Maximise your website’s efficiency with our dedicated WordPress optimisation services. A speedy website is pivotal for superior user experience and top-notch search engine rankings. Our meticulous assessments pinpoint performance bottlenecks, allowing us to apply targeted solutions for optimal WordPress performance. Count on us to enhance your site’s speed, ensuring a seamless experience for your visitors and improved search engine visibility.

    Enhance WordPress Website Security

    Strengthen your website’s defenses with our tailored WordPress security enhancement solutions. Our services encompass SSL certificate implementation, fine-tuning WordPress user access permissions, and more, effectively minimising hacking threats and preventing malware infections. Trust us to fortify your website’s security, ensuring a safer online presence.

    WordPress Website Scheduled Backup

    Ensure your website’s resilience with our robust WordPress website scheduled backup services. Our routine backups, securely housed on our servers, safeguard your data integrity. Count on us for swift recovery options, minimising any potential damage and ensuring seamless restoration.

    WordPress Website Scheduled Backup

    Enhance your website’s security with our dedicated WordPress website scheduled backup services. Our routine backups, securely maintained on reliable servers, protect your website’s data integrity. Trust us for quick recovery options, ensuring minimal damage and swift restoration.

    WordPress Website Migration

    Experience hassle-free WordPress website migration with our expert services. While migration can pose challenges, our adept team ensures a smooth shift, whether it’s to new hosting, a revised domain name, or an HTTPS setup. Count on us to minimise downtime and meticulously backup data and emails for a seamless migration process.

    WordPress Website Recovery

    Revive your website’s functionality with our specialised WordPress website recovery services. Just like a hard drive crash, website crashes can cause data loss. Our comprehensive recovery efforts aim to swiftly recover lost or old websites. Additionally, we establish robust backup procedures to prevent future issues, safeguarding your website and business.

    WordPress Website Recovery

    Revive your website’s functionality with our specialised WordPress website recovery services. Just like a hard drive crash, website crashes can cause data loss. Our comprehensive recovery efforts aim to swiftly recover lost or old websites. Additionally, we establish robust backup procedures to prevent future issues, safeguarding your website and business.

    Revamp Poor Quality or Incomplete WordPress Website

    Transform your WordPress website with our dedicated services designed to enhance poor quality or incomplete websites. Whether your site lacks quality, remains unfinished, or falls short of expectations, our expertise intervenes. We excel in taking over incomplete projects, ensuring timely and satisfactory completion as per your expectations.

    Ongoing WordPress Website Maintenance

    Maintain peak performance for your WordPress website with our tailored maintenance plans. Enjoy unlimited fixes for any site issues, as it’s our responsibility to ensure your website runs smoothly. Most clients opt for our reliable hosting services, ensuring consistent website performance. Moreover, utilise our maintenance plans for active changes, such as adding new pages, updating content, or implementing new features.

    Ongoing WordPress Website Maintenance

    Ensure smooth operations for your WordPress website with our comprehensive maintenance packages. Benefit from unlimited fixes for any website issues, as it’s our responsibility to maintain a functional site. Many clients prefer our reliable hosting, ensuring consistent website reliability. Additionally, utilise our maintenance plans for implementing changes, such as adding new pages, updating content, or incorporating new features.

    WooCommerce Shopping Cart Specialists

    Optimise your online retail venture with our specialised services as WooCommerce Shopping Cart Specialists. Whether initiating a new WooCommerce storefront or managing an established one, we provide full-fledged support. Well-versed in diverse plugins, page builders, themes, and integrations, we proactively tackle associated challenges. Our plans prioritise the robust operation of your WordPress and WooCommerce site—ensuring it’s updated, secure, and backed up multiple times daily for consistent performance.

    Our knowledge cover the following wooCommerce features


    Product Management

    You have the freedom to integrate new products or services into your eCommerce website as needed.


    Category Management

    Create a better user experience by categorising your products or services into distinct categories.


    Stock Management

    Maintain stock levels effortlessly with automated management and receive alerts when stocks are dwindling.


    PayPal Payments

    Handle payments with ease by incorporating the PayPal payment gateway for direct transactions on your website.


    Credit Card Payments

    Handle credit card payments with ease by incorporating Stripe and similar third-party payment gateways for direct transactions on your website.


    Tax Payment Automation

    Achieve smooth automation of tax calculations for listing creation and the application of taxes to customers when they are due.


    Automatic Shipping Costs

    Manage shipping costs with ease for worldwide locations and integrate seamlessly with popular couriers, such as Australia Post.


    Discount Codes

    Increase conversions by providing tailored discount codes to your customers.


    Secure Checkout

    Fortify the protection of your checkout process by integrating an SSL certificate into your website, ensuring complete security.


    Newsletter Integration

    Achieve smooth integration with popular newsletter systems like Constant Contact, keeping your customers up to date with new product deals.


    Social Media Integration

    Achieve smooth collaboration with popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, empowering customers to share products online with convenience.


    Product Reviews

    Empower customer reviews to boost sales conversions and gather valuable insights for future improvements.


    Google Analytics

    Harness the power of Google Analytics to obtain detailed reports on product sales and visitor data, all for free.


    Google Maps

    Ensure smooth navigation for customers by integrating Google Maps on your website, offering clear directions to your shop.


    SEO Tools

    Harness the potential of SEO tools to enhance your website’s rankings effectively.


    Website Speed

    Achieve lightning-fast website speed by integrating the advanced caching and optimisation plugin.

    WordPress Website Management Services, Hosting and Support Plan

    Streamlined Solutions for Your WordPress Journey

    Your WordPress website’s upkeep and success are pivotal, and our Managed Hosting Plan offers an all-encompassing support system. Covering server hosting, WordPress core, plugins, shopping carts, and website performance, our plan is designed to ensure a seamless experience.

    With extensive experience in handling popular plugins, page builders, themes, and integrations, we’re well-equipped to address any associated challenges. Subscribing to our Managed Hosting Plan means your WordPress site adheres to Google Quality Standards, receiving regular maintenance, updates, robust security checks, and frequent backups for content preservation.

    Our Hosting and Website Management Plan aim to alleviate maintenance burdens, providing reliable support whenever needed. Access ongoing assistance and maintenance at your convenience, granting you access to a dedicated maintenance team at a fraction of the cost.

    Our Comprehensive Website Hosting & Support Services:

    • Swift resolution of WordPress and website template issues
    • Extensive assistance for plugins, encompassing setup, updates, customisation, and design modifications
    • Optimisation of large files, images, videos, and more for enhanced performance
    • Rigorous testing and enhancement of website security, speed, and Google Quality Score
    • Expert resolution of hacking and intrusion problems
    • Personalised training and backup strategies for enabling effective self-management and issue resolution

    Fix & Repair Fast
    Hacked Website & Fraud Payment Support

    Specialise in WordPress security, hack cleanup and malware removal. Get a hacked WordPress site resolved within hours.
    24/7 WordPress Support

    Experience rapid remediation for hacked WordPress sites with our specialised expertise in WordPress security, malware removal, and hack cleanup, aiming for resolution within hours.

    Suspect Your WordPress Site is Hacked?

    Login difficulties, unexpected visitor redirections, suspicious activities, or abnormal content and browser warnings signify potential compromise. Contact us without delay!

    Our Support Team Takes Immediate Action:

    Our proficient support team acts swiftly, investigating thoroughly and purging all malware, injection codes, and ensuring your website’s fortification.

    Our Hacked Fix & Repair Services Include:

    • Comprehensive backups of your infected site and database
    • Thorough cleansing of files, folders, and web pages
    • Uploading the sanitised website to your hosting
    • Updating WordPress to its latest version
    • Application of security software and configurations
    • Proactive advice for future protection
    • Provision of a sanitised website backup file
    • Reinforcing password security measures
    • Installation and updating of security settings, along with valuable advice for ongoing security and backup practices

    With over 20 years of in-house web systems and WordPress proficiency, our team prioritises swift hacking resolution, safeguarding your website against potential threats.

    Why Choosing Our WordPress Support Services?

    At Now Technology Systems, we stand ready 24/7 as your dedicated WordPress website ally, catering to both one-time assistance seekers and valued subscribers of our comprehensive Monthly Website Management and Hosting Plan. Our commitment extends beyond mere troubleshooting – we’re your remote partners, working hand in hand to resolve any website or email issues you encounter.

    Our expertise spans a spectrum of services: from meticulously investigating and rectifying WordPress, email, and plugin issues to fortifying your website against intrusive software and malicious malware. Our support is not bound by time zones; while our regular hours run from 8:30 am to 7 pm daily, our commitment to problem-solving remains unwavering.

    Beyond fixes, we’re passionate about empowerment. Count on us for comprehensive WordPress user training, ensuring you’re equipped to navigate and optimise your site effectively. Moreover, our consultancy services extend to providing expert insights and advice on Organic SEO and Google Paid Ads, offering guidance to enhance your website’s visibility and reach.

    When it comes to your website or email challenges, we’re just a call away. Choose Now Technology Systems for dedicated, round-the-clock support, expert troubleshooting, and proactive guidance, ensuring your online presence stays secure, functional, and optimised for success.

    What Our Customers Say About Us

    Scott & Bernadette Jones
    Scott & Bernadette Jones
    We can highly recommend the professionalism of Frank and Mike at SiteDesignNow. It was such a pleasure dealing with them; above all, the exceptional and efficient task of delivering in design and information content contained in our new website. We were so pleased with the outcome. Well done team at SitedesignNow! May the success of your business grow.
    Sharon Holubowicz
    Sharon Holubowicz
    Great to work with, lovely guys
    Beau McGregor
    Beau McGregor
    Sourced Frank and Mike through Google - The Service that was provided was Prompt and they were always available if we had any queries, So glad to have engaged them to create our Website. Thank You Fellas absolute Legends.
    Stacey Champion
    Stacey Champion
    The guys have been great at helping a not so tech minded person to get stuff done and have made the process so easy. I feel like were in safe hands.
    Ken Jeude
    Ken Jeude
    What an experience. Frank and Mike responded to the initial request promptly, fixed the Wordpress problem with the website and then proceeded to update the website content which was in need of change. An excellent result.
    mark hoskins
    mark hoskins
    My pleasure to leave a positive comment on this company! 5 star service and very affordable. Frank and Mike are completely customer focussed with a response time that any company would be proud of.
    Ari Athans
    Ari Athans
    5 star service!!
    Lee-Anne Brushett
    Lee-Anne Brushett
    I like working with local businesses and SiteDesignNow came up recently in a google search for a local Website Designer Jimboomba. I have a complex website and Mike & Frank accepted the challenge to work on some key improvements. Frank possesses a can-do attitude and has proven to be an amazing Technician always willing to understand, resolve and provide solutions
    Chevaunne Grant
    Chevaunne Grant
    Great service, everything is easy, great pricing & prompt replying to any questions. Highly recommend Mike and Frank
    Catherine Martin
    Catherine Martin
    Frank and Mike from Site Design Now have been absolutely amazing they are so efficient and professional I would highly recommend them. I was let down by my previous website host/IT provider and they helped me straight away. Something I had been needed done for 12 months and was getting nowhere with my previous IT people, was done by Site Design Now in a week. They took all the stress away and made it a very easy and straight forward process. They now take care of my business and I couldn't be happier. They are contactable and respond really quickly to resolve the issues you have. Thank you.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for Our WordPress Website Design Services

    1. What services do you offer?

    At Now Technology Systems, we provide comprehensive support for WordPress websites. Our services include troubleshooting and fixing WordPress, email, and plugin issues, website maintenance, hosting solutions, malware removal, user training, and consultancy on SEO and Google Paid Ads strategies.

    2. What is included in your Monthly Website Management and Hosting Plan?

    Our Monthly Website Management and Hosting Plan offers a holistic approach to website care. It includes unlimited fixes for website and email issues, regular website maintenance, security checks, backups multiple times a day, hosting services for seamless website operation, and expert guidance on optimising website performance.

    3. How do I access your support?

    You can reach our support team by phone or email. Our support hours are between 8:30 am and 7 pm daily, but we’re committed to providing assistance round the clock for critical issues.

    4. Do you provide training for WordPress users?

    Absolutely! We offer comprehensive WordPress user training sessions to empower you in managing and optimising your WordPress website effectively.

    5. Can you help with SEO and Google Paid Ads?

    We do have expert team helping set up or manage SEO or Google Paid Ads campaigns directly, we do also offer expert advice and guidance on organic SEO strategies and Google Paid Ads to enhance your website’s visibility.

    6. How quickly can you resolve website issues?

    We strive for prompt resolutions. Our team works diligently to address website and email issues as quickly as possible, ensuring minimal disruption to your online operations.

    7. Do you offer one-time support or only subscription-based services?

    We cater to both models. Whether you need ad hoc assistance or wish to subscribe to our comprehensive monthly plans, we’re here to support your website needs, regardless of your engagement level.

    8. What measures do you take for website security?

    We prioritise website security by conducting regular security checks, offering malware removal services, implementing secure hosting solutions, and backing up websites multiple times a day to prevent data loss.

    About Us

    Welcome to Now Technology Systems (also known as SiteDesignNOW), we’re not just a web design company; we’re your dedicated ally in navigating the digital realm. With a legacy of more than 20 years marked by unwavering commitment to excellence, we’ve grown into a formidable force in the fields of website design, troubleshooting, and personalised support. Our story begins in Logan, Queensland, Australia, and today we proudly serve businesses both locally and throughout Australia.

    Over 20 years’ experience helping clients keep their WordPress websites updated and profitable. One-off, and low cost, all-inclusive, monthly maintenance and hosting plans. WordPress Website Support.

    • Fix WordPress Problems
    • Help adding Additional WordPress Features
    • Optimise WordPress for Better Performance
    • WordPress Plugin and Theme Support
    • WordPress Security
    • WordPress Backup
    • wooCommerce Support
    • WordPress Website Migration
    • WordPress Website Recovery
    • Poor Quality or Incomplete Website
    • Fixing Hacked WordPress Website

    Support Request

    Phone: 0412 606 287
    Email: info@wordpresssupportbrisbane.au


    Use the form below. We’ll respond during business hours.

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